Douglas B. Holmes

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I am a composer, guitarist, teacher, and audio engineer.  I have a passion for sound and music and it is in the forefront of my mind in almost every thing I do.  I like to work with passionate artist and musicians from all walks.  I have engineered and participated in music of many genres including classical, jazz, rock n roll, reggae, tejano, folk, blue grass, country, pop, and heavy metal.

In the music studio, I focus on “live studio” recording.  I feel that capturing of a moment of continuous time is important to the musical quality of the finished recording.   And if that moment has the correct level of passion and musicality it’s value can be exceptional.  The musical phrasing and expression of emotions are not something that should be pieced together, measure-by-measure, with our modern technology (unless justified by a big paycheck).  It is done, but I believe that the musicianship, developed by passionate performers, are unique to those voices and small imperfection and personal phrasing choices are what make a great performances, musical interactions and interpretations.  Analog recording techniques applied in the digital world can enhance and contribute to these good qualities.

In composition I like to collaborate.  I do postproduction for film and have a passion for interactive art.  I like to work with artists whose expression is in other forms and coalesce their ideas with the compositions I create.  Working with directors and artists whom have diversely different concerns, as to their own artistic output ads depth to the personal and professional relationship that are forged.