Douglas B. Holmes

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Music Scores (Original Composition Written by Douglas B. Holmes)

Amphoras: wall/rev instructions: Electronic music compositions using "c sound." Whith wall/rev, audience members are recorded reading poetry as they enter the performance hall. These source recording are then compiled by the “C sound" routine and turned into an audio file.  The audience's voices become the sound of the composition. Pigs, cats, and plane is prerecorded.


pigs, cats, and plane

Electronic Sketch no3, flute (flute score): Witten for live electronic equipment, synthesizers, midi controllers and flutist.

Electronic Sketch no3, flute

Fantasy for Guitar (guitar solo): for solo classic guitar.  Please note: poor recording quality (noisy performance hall distant microphones)

Fantasy for Guitar

Mountain Water for Guitar (quartet): Classic Guitar quartet in three movements

Mountain Water for Guitar: first movement

Mountain Water for Guitar: second movement

Mountain Water for Guitar: third movement

Zygoticleavage(orchestra): Orchestra score