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Computer Programs (Written by Douglas B. Holmes)

SpaceRocks and Asteroids game game (Python3 program)

SpaceRocks is a fun Mac App. It is based on the Atari game “Asteroids” in arcades during the 1980s. Designed mostly from memories; my favorite video game at “Docs” near my high school when growing up..  The application was built in Python3 and Pygame. 

CVE Quote app (Python3 program)

The CVE Quote app was developed for a telecommunications company.  This software can scrape pricing data off partner websites.  The application includes forms, tables, and PDF writer classes.  It was written using Python3 and GUI PyQt5.

Binaural-mixer (Python3 program)

The binaural-mixer software was created as a “proof of concept” for a binaural mixer and sound control for 3D environments. The program was written in python3. The end goal is to have a binaural mixer for real-time artificial and extended reality application based on head-related sensor data.

magic grading ball (iphone app, obj-C)

The magic grading ball is iphone app just for fun.  This application was made so that people who have to evaluate all the time have an outlet for their frustrations.  A professional understands that letting chance do that evaluation for them would be ethically inappropriate.

Blackjack.cpp (C++)

Blackjack is a C++ routine is based on the instructions for blackjack on the “Bicycle cards” web site. One player, plays the computer dealer, and can split up to four times.

Video-info-patch-v1-6 (video engineering, Max/MSP)

The Video Info Patch is a program that lets the user load two video and gives information about the codecs used in the video files.  Users can use the tool to critically evaluate compression and related artifacts.

Circuit Calculator (electronics, Max/MSP)

The Circuit Calculator is a program that allows the user to supply resistance and voltage values.  The program then calculates power, voltage, and current divisions.  It also provides Thevenin's and Norton’s equivalent circuits

spectro-hold (acoustics, Max/MSP)

The Spectro-hold application can be used to evaluate acoustic properties of space.  Impulse and tone recording of a space can be made, and then the user can see the different spectral analysis and how the original source sound varies when played in a space.

Waveform tool (physics, Max/MSP)

The waveform tool has multiple ways of looking at sound.  Tones can be generated, recorded or input with a microphone.  Users can see how simple waves are added, controlling phase.  Filters can also be applied and the user can see and hear how the waveform is effected.

Automated Diffusion Notation System (sound diffusion, Max/MSP)

The automated Diffusion Notation System was developed to automate analog mixing consoles.  A notation system was created to help describe how the audio signals are distributed to multiple arrays of loud speakers.  The mixing gestures are recorded and can be edited, allowing the engineer full control over the mix for performance.