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SpaceRocks an Asteroids game

DownLoad SpaceRocks application for Mac:

SpaceRocks Python3: code comming soon

This game is a stand-alone application written using Python3 and Pygame for Macintosh computers (PC version is coming soon).   It is based on the Atari game “Asteroids” in arcades during the 1980s.   Designed mostly from memories; my favorite video game at “Docs” near my high school when growing up.  The game saves high scores and has two screen resolutions: 1280 by 720 and 1920 by 1080.  The graphics do not change size for the screen change so it becomes a different experience playing with a larger or smaller space field.

Based on"Atari Asteroids" instructions.





Key Controls


Rotate left =

“ a ” or left arrow
Rotate Right = “ d ” or right arrow
Thruster = space bar
Bullets = period
Hyper Space = up arrow
Immortal mode = “ i ” + shift + command(alt)
Debug collision boundaries (show/hide) = “ c ” + shift + command(alt)
Screen toggle resolution = “ f ”



Lives = 3

Small rocks = 20 pts
Medium rocks = 50 pts
Large rocks = 100 pts.
Large Aliens = 500 pts
Small aliens = 1000 pts
Extra life every 10, 000 pts.