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Binaural Mixer (sound engineering)

Binaural Mixer Movie Example: Video Page

Binaural_mixer Python3: python code

This software was created as a “proof of concept” for a binaural mixer and sound control for 3D environments.  The program was written in python3, not only to help me learn another object-oriented language, but to help me approach the runtime application from another point of view.  Ultimately, I will port these programming ideas into another language more appropriate for wireless sensor application.  The end goal is to have a binaural mixer for real-time artificial and extended reality application based on head-related sensor data.    

Sound elements are placed in the space.   The head’s rotating perspective is controlled by user input.   The distance and angle of the sound-objects are relative to the orientation of the head.  A mix, at any moment is based on the heads orientation to the virtual space.  The result is a binaural mix of sound (a mix intended for headphones only). 



For visual reference, as sound-making elements go behind the head they turn red to show “special attenuation” is being applied to help differentiate the ideas of forward and backward in the binaural mix.  I used Pygame and OpenAL to make the game example.