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Video Info and movie viewer

Mac version:

This software was developed to teach concepts about video codec, encoding, and digital video container format.  It is designed so two videos can be opened, viewed, and the video container tracks information can be accessed.



One way it is utilized is to open two of the same videos that have been encoded with different: codec, bandwidths, display widows, audio formats, and frame rates.  The videos can be played in real time and the synchronization stays consistent.  This way the videos can be examined side by side to see the effect of compression.

For instance a non-compressed version of a video can be viewed and critically evaluated against the same video using various compressions.  You can see in real-time or advance frame by frame to see the artifacts created when compression is encoded.


The interface uses java code to pull information from video codec header so that this information can be examined.



Adjustment can be made to the video, here the pixel aspect ratio can be changed and the video being displayed will be adjusted.




All tracks within the video header can be examined even subtitle of closed caption tract information.  This shows the time-code track information.



I left the object-oriented coding and java coding open, so, if some one was interested in checking it out, you can.