magic grading ball (iphone app)


This app is currently in beta testing

The magic grading ball is just for fun.  This application was made so that people who have to evaluate all the time have an outlet for their frustrations.  A professional understands that letting chance do that evaluation for them would be ethically inappropriate. The magic grading ball can be programmed to present a list of students or questions for a pre-programmed grade saying, or you can make your own custom answers.  When shaking the phone, say your question out loud, it’s fun!   

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The students or questions are visible in a picker wheel (after they have been entered) and the preferences can be set to auto progress through the list.

The ball spins when the phone is shook (or the button is pressed) to reveal the random answer. This answer can be set to many different languages and even custom saying in the preference settings.

Add and delete your students or questions from the list. When and item is pressed the details can be added or changed. The "+" button is used to add a new student or question.

Three pieces of information can be added; the first two identify the student or question. These are never modified by the magic grading ball. The grade will be replaced by the magic grading ball.


In the preference window you can choose a language, add a custom sayings list, and set auto progress and sound effects on or off.

The custom saying window lets you create a list of custom sayings that the magic grading ball will use for answers, careful with the spelling of four letter words.

After all the fun is done, email or text your answers to yourself. This is a great way to document your fun.

example text and email