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magic grading ball (iphone app)

This app is currently in beta testing

The magic grading ball was initially created for entertainment purposes.  Input a name, shake or press a button, and out come a random grade.  Fun, and a release of tension for the constant evaluation that today’s teachers face.  The device can be used in a mode that automatically progresses through a list, or set to a specific item in a database.  It can be used to find random answers for a whole class of students/question or just for an one.

But the random functions have some practical application in a classroom, especially with younger students:

Tattling is always an issue with elementary aged students.  The magic grading ball can help.  Predesigned solutions can be used. Have the student input their name and the problem (“Tattling: Billy stuck his tongue out at me”).  Have the student press the button and out pops the solution on the face of the ball.  The student’s name, the problem, a date and time stamp, and the solution will be saved in the database inside of the phone.  This database can then be emailed as an attachment and imported into class report spreadsheet for use during parent teacher conferences.

A fun way of assigning class assignments; by using the custom sayings function, a teacher can supply a list of appropriate assignments for the class period and curriculum.  Student names, curriculum category, date and time stamp and the assignment can be supplied randomly to each student.  The students can participate in the process, what fun. And in the end, it is ready to import to your spreadsheet.

A fun way of assigning math equations, spelling words, classroom chores, and more.

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The app can be used without inputting any data.  Go ahead and Shake or press the button.  The ball will spin and display a grade.

Add and delete your students or questions from the list. When an item is pressed the details can be added or changed. The "+" button is used to add a new student or question.

Three pieces of information can be added; the first two identify the student and problem or question. These are never modified by the magic grading ball. The grade will be replaced by the magic grading ball.

The ball spins and shows a random answer depending on some preferences


In the preference window you can choose a language, add a custom sayings list, and set auto progress and sound effects on or off.

An example of a solution randomly selected by the magic grading ball.

The answer is stored in the database and can be edited before sending.

The custom saying list can be used to create class assignments. Fun for student they can participate. Little Bobby gets to draw a map of "The Great State of Texas" for the social studies assignment.
  The custom saying window lets you create a fun list that the magic grading ball will use for answers, careful with the spelling of those four letter words. #%&# yeah, I need a raise!!!!!!! The database shows the answers in your student list. After all the fun is done, email or text your answers to yourself. This is a great way to document your fun. An example of a text message.

  An example of an email message. An example of an email with csv attachment. An eample of the csv being imported into EXCEL.