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Tutotial: DVD and Blu-ray authoring

Making a basic menu for Adobe Encore using Photo Shop

Before You Start: Make folders and keep organized. Below I am showing you the folder I will store raw material in (note it already shows the menu file)


In Photo Shop use the "new" file pull down menu and set the new file dialog box

New file 1

By selecting the "Film & Video" Preset; select "NTSC DV Widescreen." The settings will be displayed as below.

new 2

A new workspace will be created. Note: for SD NTSC we are not working in square pixels.

Work Space

The workspace is modified for display (show with proper aspect ratio). You will get a dialog box showing the modification for display.


Create a basic SD menu (here is an example)


Buttons are created using groups. In this example I am using text as a stable button element, and using a highlight layer for feedback.

(+) before the group name signifies that this group will be used as a button

lzyersdialog boxmenu-photoshop

The (=1) designates a bitmap shape (in this example a rectangle underline)

Save yor file

After the design of the menu is complete, we will import it into Encore and test it out

Make a folder to store the EDL file in your project folder

Start Adobe Encore and create a new project


The DVD "Default Transcode Settings" dialog window look like this.

def1 def2

It will put the EDL file where you tell it to.

Import Menu Into the assest window

See what your menu looks like by using priview

Emulator show button states for your menu

Red arrow show the active button.

Exit Preview window

save your files