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Tutotial: web coding/authoring

Using HTML5 to enbed video in your web page
example 1.

This is an example for embedding HTML5 video tag using controller and poster

"Hard wood," TRT: 00;00;10;15  
More source lines can be added to supply alternative formats


example 2.

This is an example for embedding HTML5 video tag, removing controller and adding script so the movie itself becomes the play or pause button

"Home gym" TRT: 00;00;08;15  

click to play and pause

h.264 (.mp4) with the poster frame included as the first and last frames of the video


The script in the head is declared in the video tag. The controls are not requested and clicking on the button, which is the movie itself, will play and pause the video

example 3.

Alex the mix TRT 00:59:01
and example of the html5 audio tag
  <audio controls>
<source src="Alex-mix.mp3" type="audio/mp3">
Your browser does not support the audio element.