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Adobe Tutorials

Making a basic menu for Adobe Encore using Photo Shop (web page)
M2V Conversion using Premiere and Movies in Encore (web page)
Chapter playlists in Encore (web page)
Create a Slideshow in Encore (web page)
Exporting an AAF or an OMF file formats from Premiere ito Pro Tools (web page)
Embedding HTML5 video and audio tags; using controllers and posters (web page)
Picture lock Tutorial: Using Adobe Premiere

Pro Tools and Logic Audio

Pro Tools Help (web pages)
Using logic to score a movie - logic scoring (web page)

Electronics and Line Drawings

Stereo 7 watt by 7 watt amplifier with tone controls (pdf)
Lab assignment electronics: series/parallel circuits (pdf)
Line drawing Fashion -av- mixer for sound reinforcement and live television production (pdf)
Line drawing Foley lab: Pro Tools Omni with though wall audio/video monitoring (pdf)


Single System Capture using a Field Mixer (web page)
Virtualized sound space: engineering, realization, and delivery concerns Lecture (web page)
Records using a Field Mixer (web page)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Live Music and community. Lecture (web page)